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Inland Sea

(Encyclopedia) Inland Sea, Jap. Seto-naikai, arm of the Pacific Ocean, c.3,670 sq mi (9,510 sq km), S Japan, between Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu islands. It is linked to the Sea of Japan by a narrow ch...

Mediterranean Sea

(Encyclopedia) Mediterranean Sea [Lat.,=in the midst of lands], the world's largest inland sea, c.965,000 sq mi (2,499,350 sq km), surrounded by Europe, Asia, and Africa. Geography The Medi...

Black Sea

(Encyclopedia) Black Sea, inland sea, c.159,600 sq mi (413,360 sq km), between SE Europe and Asia, connected with the Mediterranean Sea by the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles. It is c.750 mi...


(Encyclopedia) sea, term used as synonymous with ocean , or a subdivision of an ocean (Caribbean Sea, Yellow Sea), or erroneously designating a large salt lake (Caspian Sea, Dead Sea, Aral Sea). ...

West Sea

(Encyclopedia) West Sea: see Yellow Sea .

Putrid Sea

(Encyclopedia) Putrid Sea: see Sivash Sea , Ukraine.

East Sea

(Encyclopedia) East Sea: see Japan, Sea of .

law of the sea

(Encyclopedia) law of the sea: see maritime law ; sea, law of the ; seas, freedom of the .

Norwegian Sea

(Encyclopedia) Norwegian Sea, part of the Atlantic Ocean, NW of Norway, between the Greenland Sea and the North Sea. It is separated from the Atlantic by a submarine ridge linking Iceland and the Faeroe Islan...

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