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(Encyclopedia) finance, theory and practice of conducting large public and private dealings in money. Important institutions of private finance include those that deal with insurance , banking , s...

Reconstruction Finance Corporation

(Encyclopedia) Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC), former U.S. government agency, created in 1932 by the administration of Herbert Hoover. Its purpose was to facilitate economic activity by lending mone...


(Encyclopedia) revenue: see finance .


(Encyclopedia) share, in finance: see stock .

leveraged buyout

(Encyclopedia) leveraged buyout, the takeover of a company, financed by borrowed funds. Often, the target company's assets are used as security for the loans acquired to finance the purchase. The acquiring co...


(Encyclopedia) call, in finance, see: puts and calls .

Fould, Achille

(Encyclopedia) Fould, Achille äshēl´ fo͞old [key], 1800–1867, French financier and politician. Fould gave financial backing to Louis Napoleon (later Emperor Napoleon III), whom he served four times as ...

Meyer, Eugene

(Encyclopedia) Meyer, Eugene, 1875–1959, American financier and newspaper publisher, b. Los Angeles. He was a successful broker and a director of many corporations. In 1917 he was appointed to guide America...

Cleveland, Frederick Albert

(Encyclopedia) Cleveland, Frederick Albert, 1865–1946, American economist, b. Sterling, Ill., studied at DePauw Univ. and at the Univ. of Chicago, Ph.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1900. He taught at the Univ. o...

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