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(Encyclopedia)Kahoolawe kähōˈōläˈvā, –wā, kähōˈläˈ– [key], uninhabited island, 45 sq mi (117 sq km), central Hawaii; separated from Maui island to the NE by Alalakeiki Channel. The low island, dott...


(Encyclopedia)Maui mouˈē [key], island (1990 est. pop. 82,500), 728 sq mi (1,886 sq km), second largest island in the state of Hawaii, separated from the island of Hawaii by the Alenuihaha Channel and from Moloka...

Hawaii, state, United States

(Encyclopedia) CE5 Hawaii həwīˈē, häväˈē, 50th state of the United States, comprising a group of eight major islands and numerous islets in the central Pacific Ocean, c.2,100 mi (3,380 km) SW of San Franc...

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