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biological diversity

(Encyclopedia) biological diversity or biodiversity, the number of species in a given habitat. Scientists have variously estimated that there are from 3 to 30 million extant species, of which 2.5?

Diversity in the NHL

The Question: How many different nationalities are represented in the NHL? The Answer: When it comes to diversity, the National Hockey League has?

Issues of Diversity

Preference for Racial or Ethnic TerminologyThe Tuskegee Syphilis ExperimentAmerican IndiansRace & Ethnicity


(Encyclopedia) biodiversity: see biological diversity.


(Encyclopedia) Gladstone, city (1990 pop. 26,243), Clay co., W Mo., a suburb surrounded by Kansas City; founded c.1878, inc. 1952. The city has diverse light industries.

Palmerston North

(Encyclopedia) Palmerston North, city (1996 pop. 73,095), S North Island, New Zealand. It is a transportation and farm-marketing center with diverse industries. The city's agricultural college,?


(Encyclopedia) Totowa t?t?w?, borough (1990 pop. 10,177), Passaic co., NE N.J., a suburb of Paterson on the Passaic River; inc. 1898. There is diverse manufacturing.


(Encyclopedia) Cheviot sh?v??t, sh?v?, city (1990 pop. 9,616), Hamilton co., extreme SW Ohio, a residential suburb of Cincinnati; settled early 1800s, inc. 1904. It has diverse light manufacturing?


(Encyclopedia) naturalism, in art, a tendency toward strict adherence to the physical appearance of nature and rejection of ideal forms. Artists as diverse as Velzquez, J. F. Millet, and Monet, have?


(Encyclopedia) Elmont, uninc. city (1990 pop. 28,612), Nassau co., SE N. Y., on Long Island. A diverse residential suburb, Elmont has some light industry. Belmont Park racetrack is here.