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Highest Denomination of U.S. Bills

The Question: What was the highest denomination of bill the U.S. Treasury ever printed and which president is on it? The Answer: The highest?


(Encyclopedia) fraction [Lat.,=breaking], in arithmetic, an expression representing a part, or several equal parts, of a unit. Notation for Fractions In writing a fraction, e.g., 2?5 or 2&fbar;?

United Church of Canada

(Encyclopedia) United Church of Canada, Protestant denomination formed in 1925 by the union of the Methodist, Congregational, and Presbyterian churches in Canada. A large number of Presbyterian?

Bible Christians

(Encyclopedia) Bible Christians, denomination of Methodists in England founded by William O'Bryan. They seceded from the Wesleyan Methodist Church (1815?19) and in 1907 were merged with two?

African Methodist Episcopal Church

(Encyclopedia) African Methodist Episcopal Church, Methodist denomination (see Methodism). It was established in 1816 in Philadelphia with Richard Allen as its first bishop. In 1991 there were about?

Errett, Isaac

(Encyclopedia) Errett, Isaac ?r?t, 1820?88, American minister of the Disciples of Christ, b. New York City. After years of pastoral and evangelistic work in pioneer towns of Ohio and Michigan, he?


(Encyclopedia) ratio. The ratio of two quantities expressed in terms of the same unit is the fraction that has the first quantity as numerator and the second as denominator. For example, if in a?

Evangelical Alliance

(Encyclopedia) Evangelical Alliance ?v?nj?l?k?l, an association of Evangelical Christians in a union, not of churches, but of individuals belonging to different denominations and different countries?

South India, Church of

(Encyclopedia) South India, Church of, Indian Protestant church, formed in 1947 by the merger of Anglican dioceses in India, Myanmar, and Ceylon (Sri Lanka); the Methodist Church of South India; and?