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(Encyclopedia) coast, land bordering an ocean or other large body of water. The line of contact between the land and water surfaces is called the shoreline. It fluctuates with the waves and tides.?

Ivory Coast

(Encyclopedia) Ivory Coast: see Cte d'Ivoire.

Gold Coast

(Encyclopedia) Gold Coast: see Ghana, republic.

Trucial Coast

(Encyclopedia) Trucial Coast: see United Arab Emirates.

Pirate Coast

(Encyclopedia) Pirate Coast: see United Arab Emirates.

Grain Coast

(Encyclopedia) Grain Coast, W Africa, former name of a part of the Atlantic coast that is roughly identical with the coast of modern Liberia. In the 15th cent. grains of paradise, i.e., seeds of the?

Slave Coast

(Encyclopedia) Slave Coast, name given by European traders to the coast bordering the Bight of Benin on the Gulf of Guinea, W Africa. It was the principal source of slaves from W Africa from the 16th?

Barbary Coast

(Encyclopedia) Barbary Coast brb?r?, waterfront area of San Francisco, Calif., in the years after the 1849 gold rush. Gamblers, gangsters, prostitutes, and confidence men flourished, and the?