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(Encyclopedia) city, densely populated urban center, larger than a village or a town, whose inhabitants are engaged primarily in commerce and industry. In the United States a city is legally an?

city manager

(Encyclopedia) city manager: see city government.

Mexico City

(Encyclopedia) Mexico City: see Mexico, city, Mexico.

Radio City

(Encyclopedia) Radio City: see Rockefeller Center.

City College

(Encyclopedia) City College: see New York, City University of.

City of Johannesburg

(Encyclopedia) City of Johannesburg, metropolitan municipality, South Africa: see Johannesburg, City of.

City of Tshwane

(Encyclopedia) City of Tshwane, metropolitan municipality, South Africa: see Tshwane, City of.

Del City

(Encyclopedia) Del City, city (1990 pop. 23,928), Oklahoma co., central Okla., a residential suburb of Oklahoma City; inc. 1948.

Forbidden City

(Encyclopedia) Forbidden City: see Beijing and Chinese architecture.

Temple City

(Encyclopedia) Temple City, residential suburban city (1990 pop. 31,100), Los Angeles co., S Calif.; settled 1827, inc. 1960. The city has light manufacturing and service businesses.