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The Chinese Zodiac

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Brewer's: Symbolism of Colours

whether displayed in dresses, the background of pictures, or otherwise: Black typifies grief, death. Blue, hope, love of divine works; (in dresses) divine contemplation, piety,?

Brewer's: Trusts

The combinations called rings or corners in the commercial world. The chief merchants of an article (say sugar, salt, or flour) combine to fix the selling price of a given article and thus?

What's the Symbolism of the Irish Flag?

Rarely has a flag possessed such lasting relevance as that of the "Tricolour," the national flag of the Republic of Ireland. Its three equal stripes illustrate the Irish political landscape as?

Brewer's: Greek Trust

No trust at all. ?Grca fides? was with the Romans no faith at all. A Greek, in English slang, means a cheat or sharper, and Greek bonds are sadly in character with Grca fides. Source:?


(Encyclopedia) James, letter of the New Testament, traditionally classified among the Catholic, or General, Epistles. The James of its ascription is traditionally identified with St. James the Less.?

Faith Hill

Faith Hill hit the scene in 1994, with her debut album Take Me As I Am and its no. 1 single, "Wild One." Her second album, It Matters To Me was another hit, and Hill garnered awards and praise from?


(Encyclopedia) symbol, sign representing something that has an independent existence. The most important use of symbols is in language. To say so, however, does not solve the perennial philosophical?

Little Faithful

Little FaithfulFor a week the amount of virtue in the old house would have supplied the neighborhood. It was really amazing, for everyone seemed in a heavenly frame of mind, and self-denial?