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Happy Together

Director/Writer:Wong Kar-WaiDirector of Photography:Christopher DoyleEditors:William Chang Suk-Ping and Wong Ming-LamMusic:Danny ChungProduction Designer:William Chang Suk-PingProducer:Wong?


(Encyclopedia) Chinese, subfamily of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages (see Sino-Tibetan languages), which is also sometimes grouped with the Tai, or Thai, languages in a Sinitic subfamily of the?


Director/Writer:Todd SolondzGood Machine; NR; 134 minutesRelease:10/98Cast:Jane Adams, Dylan Baker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Lara Flynn Boyle, Cynthia Stevenson, Justin Elvin, Jared Harris,?

Leyden jar

(Encyclopedia) Leyden jar l?d?n, form of capacitor invented at the Univ. of Leiden in the 18th cent. It consists of a narrow-necked glass jar coated over part of its inner and outer surfaces with?

Plain of Jars

(Encyclopedia) Plain of Jars, region, N Laos, at the northern end of the Annamese Cordillera. Over 300 carved stone jars, c.1,500 to 2,000 years old, are scattered across its landscape. Averaging 272?

Brewer's: Leyden Jar

or Phial. A glass vessel partly coated, inside and out, with lead-foil, and used in electrical experiments to receive accumulated electricity; invented by Vanleigh, of Leyden. Source:?

Jarring, Gunnar

(Encyclopedia) Jarring, Gunnar g?nr yr?ng, 1907?2002, Swedish diplomat. He entered diplomatic service during World War II and was minister to India (1948?51), Ceylon (now Sri Lanka; 1950?51), and?

Chinese exclusion

(Encyclopedia) Chinese exclusion, policy of prohibiting immigration of Chinese laborers to the United States; initiated in 1882. From the time of the U.S. acquisition of California (1848) there had?