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direct action

(Encyclopedia) direct action, theory and methods used by certain labor groups to fight employers, capitalist institutions, and the state by direct economic action, without using intermediate?

Crerar, John

(Encyclopedia) Crerar, John kr?r?r, 1827?89, American capitalist and philanthropist, b. New York City. Crerar was a manufacturer in Chicago, and gave liberally to many causes. He is remembered?

Harris, Abram Lincoln

(Encyclopedia) Harris, Abram Lincoln, 1899?1963, American economist, b. Richmond, Va. He headed the economics department at Howard Univ. (1936?45) and taught at the Univ. of Chicago (1946?63).?

Patio, Simn Ituri

(Encyclopedia) Patio, Simn Ituri s?m?n ?to?or? pt?ny?, 1868?1947, Bolivian capitalist. He owned rich tin mines in Bolivia and invested his enormous fortune, thought to have been among the world?

Herrick, Robert

(Encyclopedia) Herrick, Robert, 1868?1938, American novelist, b. Cambridge, Mass., grad. Harvard, 1890. He was professor of English at the Univ. of Chicago from 1893 to 1923. Herrick wrote realistic?


(Encyclopedia) entrepreneur n?tr?pr?nr [Fr.,=one who undertakes], person who assumes the organization, management, and risks of a business enterprise. It was first used as a technical economic?


(Encyclopedia) publican [Lat.,=state employee], in ancient Rome, man who was employed by the state government under contract. As early as c.200 &BC; there was a class of men in Rome accustomed to?

Horkheimer, Max

(Encyclopedia) Horkheimer, Max hrkh??m?r, hrk???, 1895?1973, German philosopher and sociologist. As director (1930?58) of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, he played an important?

Lewis, Oscar

(Encyclopedia) Lewis, Oscar, 1914?70, American anthropologist, b. New York City, grad. City College of New York (B.S.S., 1936) and Columbia (Ph.D., 1940). He was a professor of anthropology at?