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Benjamin BUTTERWORTH, Congress, OH (1837-1898)

BUTTERWORTH Benjamin , a Representative from Ohio; born near Maineville, Warren County, Ohio, October 22, 1837; attended the common schools of Warren County, the academy in Maineville, Ohio, and?


(Encyclopedia) Unity, religious movement incorporated as the Unity School of Christianity, with headquarters at Lee's Summit, Mo. Although the movement used the name Unity after 1891, it was?

Piaget, Jean

(Encyclopedia) Piaget, Jean zhNpyj?, 1896?1980, Swiss psychologist, known for his research in developmental psychology. After receiving a degree in zoology from the Univ. of Neuchtel (1918),?

Copland, Aaron

(Encyclopedia) Copland, Aaron k?pl?nd, 1900?1990, American composer, b. Brooklyn, N.Y. Copland was a pupil of Rubin Goldmark and of Nadia Boulanger, who introduced his work to the United States when?


(Encyclopedia) Origen r?j?n, 185??254?, Christian philosopher and scholar. His full name was Origines Adamantius, and he was born in Egypt, probably in Alexandria. When he was quite young, his?

Birthday Girl

Director:Jez ButterworthWriters:Tom and Jez ButterworthMiramax Films; R; 93 minutesRelease:2/02Cast:Nicole Kidman, Ben Chaplin, Vincent Cassell After the shining achievements of Moulin Rouge?

Neil Young: Silver & Gold

Silver & GoldReprise For a guy once known as "the godfather of grunge," Neil Young can be quite a perfectionist. He's been fine-tuning Silver & Gold since 1997, and previewed it out?

Ben Harper Biography

Ben HarpermusicianBorn: 10/28/1969Birthplace: Pomona, California Though he has never had a hit album, Ben Harper's unique combination of elements of blues revivalism, Jimi Hendrix-influenced rock,?