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Irving, Washington

(Encyclopedia) Irving, Washington, 1783?1859, American author and diplomat, b. New York City. Irving was one of the first Americans to be recognized abroad as a man of letters, and he was a literary?

George Alvin LOUD, Congress, MI (1852-1925)

LOUD George Alvin , a Representative from Michigan; born in Bracebridge, Ohio, June 18, 1852; moved with his parents to Massachusetts in 1856 and to Au Sable, Mich., in 1866; attended the?

Brewer's: Dobby's Walk

The goblin's haunt or beat. Dobby is an archaic word for a goblin or brownie. (See Washington Irving's Bracebridge Hall, ii. 183-6.) Dobby also means an imbecile old man. ?The Dobby's walk?

Brewer's: Snickersnee

A large clasp-knife, or combat with clasp-knives. (?Snick,? Icelandic snikka, to clip; verb, snitte, to cut. ?Snee? is the Dutch snee, an edge; snijden, to cut.) Thackeray, in his Little?