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Leroy Hood Biography

inventorBorn: 1938 Hood's DNA sequencer has played a crucial role in the biotech industry, greatly accelerating the progress of the Human Genome Project in the?

Martha Stewart, 2003 News

diva of domesticity, was indicted in June on nine charges of obstruction of justice and securities fraud. The charges stem from her December 2001 sale of 3,928 shares of the biotech stock?

Martha Stewart, 2004 News

diva of domesticity, was sentenced to five months in prison in July after being found guilty on four counts of obstruction of justice and lying to federal investigators. The judge stayed?

"Frankenfoods" or Brave New World?

The genetically engineered foods question by Kim Lundgren According to Newsweek, 40 percent of US corn and 45 percent of US soybeans are genetically modified. Related Links Food & Drug?

Samuel Waksal, 2002 News

founder of ImClone, a biotech company, pleaded guilty to six charges, including securities fraud, conspiracy, and perjury in October. The counts stem from two federal indictments that?

Research Scientist 2

Daniel J. Schneider Tell us about your work---what do you do? I am a research scientist employed by a biotechnology company developing?

January 2000 News and Events

WorldActing President Takes Charge of Kremlin (Jan. 3): In one of his first actions, Vladimir V. Putin dismisses Tatyana Dyachenko, daughter of former president Boris N. Yeltsin, and other?

San Francisco, Calif.

Mayor: Edwin M. Lee (to Jan. 2016) 2010 census population (rank): 805,235 (13); Male: 408,462 (50.7%); Female: 396,?