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(Encyclopedia) anthropology, classification and analysis of humans and their society, descriptively, culturally, historically, and physically. Its unique contribution to studying the…

National Museum of Anthropology

(Encyclopedia) National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City. The present building, designed by Pedro Ramírez Vázquez and inspired by ancient Mexican architecture, was opened in 1964 and…


(Encyclopedia) ethnography: see anthropology ; ethnology .

Eiseley, Loren Corey

(Encyclopedia) Eiseley, Loren Corey īz´lē [key], 1907–77, American anthropologist, b. Lincoln, Nebr. He taught anthropology at the Univ. of Kansas (1937–44), was chair of sociology and…


(Encyclopedia) human: see anthropology ; human evolution ; race .

Leach, Edmund Ronald

(Encyclopedia) Leach, Edmund Ronald, 1910–89, British anthropologist, grad. Cambridge (B.A., 1932; M.A., 1938) and Univ. of London (Ph.D., 1947). He was (1957–72) university reader in…


(Encyclopedia) man: see anthropology ; human evolution ; race .

New Mexico, University of

(Encyclopedia) New Mexico, University of, main campus at Albuquerque; state supported; coeducational; chartered 1889, opened 1892. It maintains graduate centers at Los Alamos and Santa…

Greenberg, Joseph Harold

(Encyclopedia) Greenberg, Joseph Harold, 1915–2001, American anthropological linguist, b. New York City, grad. Columbia (A.B., 1936) and Northwestern Univ. (Ph.D., 1940). He was a…

Tylor, Sir Edward Burnett

(Encyclopedia) Tylor, Sir Edward Burnett, 1832–1917, English anthropologist. His extensive researches helped to develop interest in anthropological science in England. Tylor became (…