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ZIP Codes

The ZIP Code was instituted in 1963 and allows for electronic processing and delivery of mail. An envelope that does not include a ZIP Code in the delivery address must be manually sorted, which?

Cardinal, Ordinal, and Nominal Numbers

Cardinal numbers, known as the ?counting numbers,? indicate quantity. Ordinal numbers indicate the order or rank of things in a set (e.g., sixth in line; fourth place). Nominal numbers?

Congressional District Information

The Question: Who is the representative from our congressional district? The Answer: That's a difficult question for us to answer, because we don't know?

Social Security Numbers

The Question: What do social security numbers mean? What do the numbers tell you about someone? The Answer: A social security number has three?

Getting Involved

Volunteer opportunities exist in virtually any form, and on levels ranging from national to local service. The Web is a great resource for locating opportunities in your area and in the type of?

Robert Moon 2001 Deaths

Robert MoonAge: 83 former postal inspector who lobbied for what is now known as the ZIP code for 20 years before it was finally adopted. In 1963 the post office launched the Zoning?

Executive Departments and Agencies

Unless otherwise indicated, addresses shown are in Washington, DC. ZIP codes are in parentheses. White House Offices and AgenciesExecutive DepartmentsMajor Independent AgenciesOther?

Postal Information

*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ The U.S. Post Office predates the Constitution, and has helped keep the public informed and in touch ever since."Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night?

Postal Information Websites

United States Postal Service: /node/4994 ZIP Code Lookup: /node/4994zip4/ U.S. Postal Service Rate Calculators: domestic: /node/4994 international: /node/4994 business: /node/4994 Postal?

Christmas Holiday Mailing Dates

Source: USPS Related Links AdventChristmasSaying "Merry Christmas" Around the World NOTE: Find specific recommended mailing dates by global region and military ZIP Code, packaging tips?