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Yellowstone National Park

(Encyclopedia) Yellowstone National Park, 2,219,791 acres (899,015 hectares), the world's first national park (est. 1872), NW Wyo., extending into Montana and Idaho. It lies mainly on a broad?

Old Faithful

(Encyclopedia) Old Faithful, geyser: see Yellowstone National Park.


(Encyclopedia) Madison, river, 183 mi (295 km) long, rising in Yellowstone National Park, NW Wyo., and flowing W then N through SW Montana to join the Jefferson and Gallatin rivers at the Three Forks?


(Encyclopedia) Gallatin, river, c.120 mi (190 km) long, rising in the Gallatin Range in the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park, NW Wyo., and flowing generally northwest to join the Madison?


(Encyclopedia) Bozeman, city (1990 pop. 22,660), seat of Gallatin co., SW Mont.; inc. 1883. Named after John M. Bozeman, who led settlers here in 1864, it is the hub of a farming and ranching area;?

Teton Range

(Encyclopedia) Teton Range, part of the Rocky Mts., NW Wyo. and SE Idaho, just S of Yellowstone National Park. The highest peaks are within Grand Teton National Park, with Grand Teton (13,747 ft/4,?


(Encyclopedia) Billings, city (1990 pop. 81,151), seat of Yellowstone co., S Mont., on the Yellowstone River, in a valley surrounded by seven mountain ranges; inc. as a city 1885. Founded in 1882 by?


(Encyclopedia) Cody k?d?, city (1990 pop. 7,897), seat of Park co., NW Wyo., on the Shoshone River in a sheep, cattle, and irrigated farm area; founded and inc. 1901 by William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill?


(Encyclopedia) Yellowstone, river, 671 mi (1,080 km) long, rising in NW Wyo., and flowing NE through Mont. to enter the Missouri River near the N.Dak. line; it drains c.70,400 sq mi (182,340 sq km).?

Colter, John

(Encyclopedia) Colter, John k?lt?r, c.1775?1813, American trapper and guide, b. Virginia. In 1803 he enlisted in the Lewis and Clark expedition and in 1806, on the return trip, was granted a?