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William Wordsworth

William Wordworth was one of the great Romantic poets of 19th-century England. His poems celebrated the glories of nature and the human spirit while using the simple language of the "common man" --…

Wordsworth, William

(Encyclopedia) Wordsworth, William, 1770–1850, English poet, b. Cockermouth, Cumberland. One of the great English poets, he was a leader of the romantic movement in England.…

Wordsworth, Christopher

(Encyclopedia) Wordsworth, Christopher, 1774–1846, English clergyman, educator, and writer; youngest brother of William Wordsworth . He was master of Trinity College, Cambridge,…

Watson, Sir William

(Encyclopedia) Watson, Sir William, 1858–1935, English poet. His first great success was Wordsworth's Grave (1890), followed by a meditative elegy on Tennyson,…

Bartram, William

(Encyclopedia) Bartram, William, 1739–1823, American naturalist, b. Philadelphia; son of John Bartram . He is known chiefly for his Travels (1791), in which he describes…

Percy Bysshe Shelley: To Wordsworth

by Percy Bysshe Shelley To -Feelings of a Republican on th...To Wordsworth Poet of Nature, thou hast wept to know That things depart which never may return: Childhood and youth,…


(Encyclopedia) William, ruler of Albania: see William, prince of Wied .


(Encyclopedia) William, king of Scotland: see William the Lion .