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(Encyclopedia) menhir m?nh?r? [Breton,=long stone], in archaeology, name given to the single standing stones of Western Europe, and by extension to those of other lands. Their size varies and their?

Lateran Council, First

(Encyclopedia) Lateran Council, First, 1123, 9th ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church, summoned by Pope Calixtus II to signal the end of the investiture controversy by confirming the?


(Encyclopedia) Phaedrus f?dr?s, fl. 1st cent. &AD;, Latin writer, a Thracian slave, possibly a freedman of Augustus. He wrote fables in verse based largely on those of Aesop. The prose?


(Encyclopedia) colophon k?l?f?n? [Gr.,=finishing stroke]. Before the use of printing in Western Europe a manuscript often ended with a statement about the author, the scribe, or the illuminator. The?

catholic church

(Encyclopedia) catholic church [Gr.,=universal], the body of Christians, living and dead, considered as an organization. The word catholic was first used c.110 to describe the Church by St. Ignatius?

Prester John

(Encyclopedia) Prester John, legendary Christian priest and monarch of a vast, wealthy empire in Asia or in Africa. The legend first appeared in the latter part of the 12th cent. and persisted for?


(Encyclopedia) cittern s?t?rn, stringed musical instrument of the guitar family having an oval body, a flat back, and a fretted neck. Its strings, made of wire and varying in number, were plucked.?

Mollet, Guy

(Encyclopedia) Mollet, Guy g? ml?, 1905?75, French politician. A former schoolteacher and a wartime resistance fighter, he rose to prominence in the Socialist party after World War II. He served as?


(Encyclopedia) Hallstatt hlshtt, village, Upper Austria prov., W central Austria, in the Salzkammergut, on the Lake of Hallstatt. A tourist center, it is one of the oldest settlements in Austria.?

Lpez Bravo, Gregorio

(Encyclopedia) Lpez Bravo, Gregorio gr?g?r?? l?p?th brv?, 1923?85, Spanish politician. He entered government service in 1959, serving as director-general of foreign trade to Dec., 1960, director?