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(Encyclopedia) management: see industrial management .

Wealth and Poverty: What's the Government's Role?

What's the Government's Role?Wealth and PovertyIntroductionWhat Is Poverty?Who's Got How Much?Why Incomes Are Becoming More UnequalWhat's the Government's Role?Other Aspects of Wealth and PovertyThe U…

city manager

(Encyclopedia) city manager: see city government .

industrial management

(Encyclopedia) industrial management, term applied to highly organized modern methods of carrying on industrial, especially manufacturing, operations. The Rise of Factories Before the Indus...

Office Manager

Anonymous Tell us about your work -- what do you do? I serve as Office Manager to a law firm with offices in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Florida. My job duties in…

Retail Manager

Abel Ybarra Tell us about your work---what do you do? I manage a sporting goods store with 15 employees under me. I make sure that the customer is satisf…