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(Encyclopedia) waterfall, a sudden unsupported drop in a stream. It is formed when the stream course is interrupted as when a stream passes over a layer of harder rock—often igneous—to…

Highest Waterfalls of the World

The following table lists the world's tallest waterfalls including the name, location, source, and height. Angel in Venezuela is the world's tallest waterfall dropping 979 meters. Name(s) (…

Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Waterfall

The WaterfallA patch of meadow upland Reached by a mile of road, Soothed by the voice of waters, With birds and flowers bestowed. Hither I come for strength Which well it can supply,…


(Encyclopedia) Staubbach, waterfall: see Lauterbrunnen , Switzerland.

Angel Falls

(Encyclopedia) Angel Falls, waterfall, Sp. Salto Ángel, 3,212 ft (979 m) high, SE Venezuela, in the Guiana Highlands. Springing from Auyán-Tepuí Mesa, it is the highest…

Sutherland Falls

(Encyclopedia) Sutherland Falls, waterfall, 1,904 ft (580 m) high, between Lake Quill and Arthur River, SW South Island, New Zealand. It is among the world's highest waterfalls. It…


(Encyclopedia) Gullfoss gü´təlfôs˝ [key], waterfall, c.100 ft (30 m) high, in the Hvítá River, SW Iceland. It is a popular tourist attraction.


(Encyclopedia) Dettifoss dĕ´tĭfôs [key], waterfall, in the Jökulsá á Fjöllum River, NE Iceland. Iceland's most impressive fall, it drops 144 ft (44 m) into a long canyon.


(Encyclopedia) Brevard brəvärd´ [key], town (1990 pop. 5,388), seat of Transylvania co., SW N.C., near French Broad River in the Blue Ridge Mts.; inc. 1867. An agricultural trade…