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Harriet Monroe: The Water Ouzel

The Water OuzelHarriet MonroeLittle brown surf-bather of the mountains! Spirit of foam, lover of cataracts, shaking your wings in falling waters! Have you no fear of the roar and rush when?


(Encyclopedia) dipper, common name for the only aquatic member of the order Perciformes (perching birds) found near cold mountain streams. With their short, stubby wings and tails and their thick?

The Second Book of Modern Verse

A Selection from the work of contemporaneous American poetsSelections made in 1919.ContentsForewordThe Road not taken (Robert Frost)Symbol (David Morton)Spring (John Gould Fletcher)"There will come?

Modern Verse

ContentsThe Little Book of Modern VerseForewordLord of my Heart's Elation (Bliss Carman)Gloucester Moors (William Vaughn Moody)On a Subway Express (Chester Firkins)The Automobile (Percy MacKaye)The?