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Warner Brothers

(Encyclopedia) Warner Brothers, American movie studio executives and producers. Sons of poor E European Jewish immigrants, the brothers were Harry Morris (1881?1958), Albert (1884?1967), Samuel Louis?

Berkeley, Busby

(Encyclopedia) Berkeley, Busby b?zb? brkl?, 1895?1975, American film director and choreographer, b. Los Angeles as William Berkeley Enos. Self-taught, he choreographed several Broadway revues?

1986 Radio & Records All-Time Charts

1986 Radio & Records All-Time ChartsAC?Your Wildest Dreams? Moody Blues (Polydor/PG)?Glory of Love? Peter Cetera (Full Moon/Warner Bros.)?There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)? Billy?

1984 Radio & Records All-Time Charts

1984 Radio & Records All-Time ChartsAC?Hello? Lionel Richie (Motown)?Stuck on You? Lionel Richie (Motown)?I Just Called to Say I Love You? Stevie Wonder (Motown)?If Ever You're in My Arms?

Robert A. Daly, 1999 News

62, and Terry Semel, 55, cochairmen of Warner Bros., resigned in July from the entertainment empire. The pair, who have been partners at Warners for almost 20 years, plan to form a new?

1987 Radio & Records All-Time Charts

1987 Radio & Records All-Time ChartsAC?Will You Still Love Me?? Chicago (Warner Bros.)?Mandolin Rain? Bruce Hornsby and the Range (RCA)?Can't We Try?? Dan Hill (Columbia)?Just to See Her?

1979 Radio & Records All-Time Charts

1979 Radio & Records All-Time ChartsPop Adult?Rise? Herb Alpert (A&M)?I'll Never Love This Way Again? Dionne Warwick (Arista)?I Just Fell in Love Again? Anne Murray (Capitol)?She?

1983 Radio & Records All-Time Charts

1983 Radio & Records All-Time ChartsAC?Never Gonna Let You Go? Sergio Mendes (A&M)?You Are? Lionel Richie (Motown)?It Might Be You? (theme from Tootsie) Stephen Bishop (Warner Bros.)??

Grant Lee Buffalo

Jubilee Warner Bros. Songwriter Grant Lee Phillips exults in textured, moody melodies. On this, the group's fourth album, his baleful vocals crescendo from pillowtalk croons to thrilling falsettos?

1976 Radio & Records All-Time Charts

1976 Radio & Records All-Time ChartsPop Adult?Afternoon Delight? Starland Vocal Band (Windsong)?I'd Really Love to See You? England Dan and J.F. Coley (Big Tree)?If You Leave Me Now??