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walking fish

(Encyclopedia) walking fish: see climbing perch.

walking stick

(Encyclopedia) walking stick or stick insect, names applied to extremely longbodied, slow-moving, herbivorous insects, forming a single family in the order Phasmatodea. Walking sticks have green,?

Walke, Henry

(Encyclopedia) Walke, Henry wk, 1808?96, American naval officer, b. Princess Anne co., Va. Walke was appointed a midshipman in 1827, served in the Mexican War, and was later made a commander. In?

Moon Walks

Twelve astronauts have walked on the moon, the last in 1972. Here are the names of those astronauts listed chronologically by the date of their walk. July 20, 1969?Apollo 11Neil Armstrong?

A Walk on the Moon

Director: Tony Goldwyn Writer: Pamela Gray Miramax Films; R Release: 3/99 Cast: Diane Lane, Liev Schreiber, Viggo Mortenson, Anna Paquin and Tovah Feldshuh In the eighties?

Love Walked In

Director:Juan J. CampanellaWritersJuan J. Campanella, Lynn Geller and Larry GolinDirector of Photography:Daniel ShulmanEditor:Darren KloomokMusic:Wendy BlackstoneProduction Designer:Michael?

Brewer's: Walk Spanish

To make a man walk Spanish is to give him the sack; to give him his discharge. In 1885 one of the retired captains in the Trinity House Establishment?

Brewer's: Walk Chalks

An ordeal used on board ship as a test of drunkenness. Two parallel lines being chalked on the deck, the supposed delinquent must walk between them?

Brewer's: Duke's Walk

To meet one in the Duke's Walk. An invitation to fight a duel. In the vicinity of Holyrood House is a place called the Duke's Walk, from being the favourite promenade of the Duke of York,?

Brewer's: Walk the Plank

(To). (See Plank.) Source: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, E. Cobham Brewer, 1894Walk through One's PartWalk not in the Public Ways A B C D E F?