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(Encyclopedia) Adonis ədō´nĭs, ədŏn´ĭs [key], in Greek mythology, beautiful youth beloved by Aphrodite and Persephone . He was born of the incestuous union of Myrrha (or…


(Encyclopedia) Adonis or Adunis, pen name of Ali Ahmad Said Esber, 1930–, Syrian poet and essayist, generally considered the Arab world's greatest living poet. He began…


(Encyclopedia) Venus, in Roman religion and mythology, goddess of vegetation. Later, she became identified (3d cent. BC) with the Greek Aphrodite . In imperial times she was…

Venus (Planet)

(Encyclopedia) Venus, in astronomy, 2d planet from the sun; it is often called the evening star or morning star and is brighter than any object in the sky except the sun and the…

Brewer's: Adonis

Ado′nis A beautiful boy. The allusion is to Adonis, who was beloved by Venus, and was killed by a boar while hunting. Rose-cheeked Adonis hied him to the chase; Hunting he loved; but love…


    Although Venus is Earth's closest neighbor, very little is known about the planet because it is permanently covered by thick clouds. In 1962, Soviet and American space probes, coupled with…


(Encyclopedia) Adoni-bezek ādō´nī-bē´zĕk, ăd´– [key], in the Bible, king of Bezek captured and mutilated by the Judahites.


(Encyclopedia) Adoni-zedec ādō´nī-zē´dĕk, ăd´– [key], in the Bible, chief at Jerusalem, leader of the allies routed at Gibeon.