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Sinclair, Upton

(Encyclopedia) Sinclair, Upton (Upton Beall Sinclair), 1878?1968, American novelist and socialist activist, b. Baltimore, grad. College of the City of New York, 1897. He was one of the muckrakers,?

Upton Sinclair

Upton Beall Sinclair was a prolific American writer known for his affiliation with socialism and famous for his 1906 novel, The Jungle. Sinclair was born in Baltimore, but his family moved to New?

Gordon Sinclair

Gordon Sinclair was a colorful figure in 20th-century Canadian radio journalism. For over 40 years he produced a daily radio series called "Let's Be Personal;" he gained a reputation for "telling it?

Sinclair Lewis

Name at birth: Harry Sinclair LewisNovelist Sinclair Lewis was the first writer from the United States to win the Nobel Prize in literature, on the strength of his novels satirizing the hypocrisy and?

Sinclair, Sir John

(Encyclopedia) Sinclair, Sir John, 1754?1835, Scottish agricultural economist and statistician. He compiled A Statistical Account of Scotland (21 vol., 1791?99), giving information on farming and?

Lewis, Sinclair

(Encyclopedia) Lewis, Sinclair, 1885?1951, American novelist, b. Sauk Centre, Minn., grad. Yale Univ., 1908. Probably the greatest satirist of his era, Lewis wrote novels that present a devastating?

Kate Upton

Kate Upton is the curvy blue-eyed blonde who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue in 2012 and 2013 and then on the 50th-anniversary issue cover in 2014. Born in?

Upton County, TX Census Data

Texas Upton County, Texas People QuickFactsUpton CountyTexasPopulation, 2005 estimate 3,05622,859,968Population, percent change, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2005 -10.2%9.6%Population, 2000 3,?

Upton County, TX Housing Statistics

Upton county texas dp 4 profile of selected housing characteristics SubjectNumberPercent Total housing units1,609100.0UNITS IN STRUCTURE1-unit, detached1,31281.51-unit, attached231.42?

Upton County, TX Social Statistics

Upton county texas dp 2 profile of selected social characteristics SubjectNumberPercent SCHOOL ENROLLMENTPopulation 3 years and over enrolled in school959100.0Nursery school,?