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(Encyclopedia) Union, industrial township (1990 pop. 50,024), Union co., NE N.J.; settled 1749 by colonists from Connecticut, set off from Elizabethtown 1808. Steel and metal products…

trade union

(Encyclopedia) trade union: see union, labor .

labor union

(Encyclopedia) labor union: see union, labor .

industrial union

(Encyclopedia) industrial union, labor union composed of all the workers in a given industry, regardless of skill, craft, or occupation (as opposed to the craft union, in which all…

Kalmar Union

(Encyclopedia) Kalmar Union, combination of the three crowns of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, effected at Kalmar, Sweden, by Queen Margaret I in 1397. Because the kingship was…

credit union

(Encyclopedia) credit union, cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution that makes low-interest personal loans to its members. It is usually composed of persons from the same…

French Union

(Encyclopedia) French Union, 1946–58, political entity established by the French constitution of 1946. It comprised metropolitan France (the 90 departments of continental France and…

union shop

(Encyclopedia) union shop: see closed shop and open shop .