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Dean, Bashford

(Encyclopedia) Dean, Bashford, 1867?1928, American zoologist and armor expert, b. New York City, grad. College of the City of New York, 1886, Ph.D. Columbia, 1890. He taught zoology at Columbia (1891?

La Crosse

(Encyclopedia) La Crosse l? krs, city (1990 pop. 51,003), seat of La Crosse co., W Wis., at the foot of high bluffs on the Mississippi, where the La Crosse and Black rivers meet; inc. 1856. Metal?

Bond, Sir Robert

(Encyclopedia) Bond, Sir Robert, 1857?1927, Newfoundland political leader. He was educated in England and later entered Newfoundland politics. In 1890, he negotiated a reciprocity agreement between?


(Encyclopedia) Natchitoches nak?tsh, city (1990 pop. 16,609), seat of Natchitoches parish, NW La.; inc. 1819. Its industry is centered on the production, processing, and shipping of lumber and farm?

Baird, Spencer Fullerton

(Encyclopedia) Baird, Spencer Fullerton, 1823?87, American zoologist, b. Reading, Pa., grad. Dickinson College, 1840. He was professor of natural history at Dickinson from 1846 to 1850. While at the?


(Encyclopedia) Tupelo to?op?l?, tyo?o?, city (1990 pop. 30,685), seat of Lee co., NE Miss.; founded 1859, inc. 1870. It is the trade, processing, and shipping center for a cotton, grain, dairying,?

Jordan, David Starr

(Encyclopedia) Jordan, David Starr, 1851?1931, American scientist and educator, b. Gainesville, N.Y., M.S. Cornell, 1872, M.D. Indiana Medical College, 1875, and studied under Louis Agassiz at?

Interior, United States Department of the

(Encyclopedia) Interior, United States Department of the, federal executive department established in 1849, delegated custodian of U.S. natural resources, and whose head, the Secretary of the?

Asian carp

(Encyclopedia) Asian carp, term for several large, hardy freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae (the minnow family) that are native to E Asia and have become invasive species in the United States.?