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Transliteration of Oriental Alphabets

Transliteration of Oriental AlphabetsThe system of transcribing Oriental words with Roman types, adopted by the translators of the Sacred Books of the East, is, on the whole, the same which I?


(Encyclopedia) Cephas s?f?s, in the Gospels, Jesus' name for St. Peter. It is a transliteration of the Aramaic word for rock, and identical in meaning with Peter in Greek.


(Encyclopedia) Biysk b?sk, city (1989 pop. 233,000), S central Siberian Russia, on the Biya River. A port and the terminus of a branch of the Turkistan-Siberia RR, Biysk manufactures food-processing?

Song Shan

(Encyclopedia) Song Shan s?ng shn, mountain, N central Henan prov., China; one of the five sacred mountains of China. It is famous for the Shaolin Temple, where generations of Buddhist monks have?


(Encyclopedia) Hexapla h?ks?pl? [Gr.,=sixfold], polyglot edition of the Hebrew Bible prepared by Origen (c.185?c.255). It was mainly in six columns?a Hebrew text (probably the Masoretic), a Greek?


(Encyclopedia) Hanukkah khn?k?, ?no?ok, in Judaism, the Festival of Lights, the Feast of Consecration, or the Feast of the Maccabees; also transliterated Chanukah. According to tradition, it was?


(Encyclopedia) X, 24th letter of the alphabet. In English it has no peculiar sound, but stands for the combination ks as in fox, or gz as in exempt, or, initially, for the sound of z as in xenia. In?


(Encyclopedia) Om m, [Skt.,=yes, so be it] for Hindus and Buddhists, a mystic word or mantra. Om is regarded as the syllable of the supreme Reality and is sometimes called the mother of mantras. It?


(Encyclopedia) Karbala krb?l?, city (1987 pop. 296,705), central Iraq, at the edge of the Syrian Desert. The city's trade is in religious objects, hides, wool, and dates. Karbala is the site?


(Encyclopedia) Yangon y?n-g?n, formerly Rangoonr?ng-go?on, city (1983 pop. 2,458,712), former capital of Myanmar and capital of Yangon region, S central Myanmar, on the Yangon River (a mouth of the?