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(Encyclopedia) devil: see Satan ; demon ; exorcism .

French Possessions

Bassas da India (0.1 sq mi, 0.2 sq km), a French possession since 1897, is an uninhabited volcanic atoll off the southeastern coast of Africa in the Mozambique channel. Map of Bassas da India…

Devils Lake

(Encyclopedia) Devils Lake. 1 200 sq mi (520 sq km), NE central N.Dak., the largest natural body of water in the state. In an area of typically inland drainage, Devils Lake can…

king devil

(Encyclopedia) king devil: see hawkweed .

dust devil

(Encyclopedia) dust devil: see whirlwind .

Robert the Devil

(Encyclopedia) Robert the Devil, hero of a medieval legend. He was sold to the devil by his mother before his birth but upon discovering the fact did penance and was able to purify…

Tasmanian devil

(Encyclopedia) Tasmanian devil, extremely voracious marsupial , or pouched mammal, of the dasyure family, now found only on the island of Tasmania. The Tasmanian devil…

Devils Island

(Encyclopedia) Devils Island, Fr. Île du Diable, the smallest and southernmost of the Îles du Salut, in the Caribbean Sea off French Guiana. A penal colony founded in 1852, it…


(Encyclopedia) devil's-club or devil's-walking-stick: see ginseng .