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(Encyclopedia) territory, in U.S. history, a portion of the national domain that is given limited self-government, usually in preparation for statehood. Territorial governments have been similar in?

British Indian Ocean Territory

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Altay Territory

(Encyclopedia) Altay Territory: see Altai Territory, Russia.

Altai Territory

(Encyclopedia) Altai Territory or Altay Territory, administrative division (1995 pop. 2,697,200), c.102,400 sq mi (265,220 sq km), S central Siberian Russia. Barnaul is the capital. It is drained by?

Northern Territory

(Encyclopedia) Northern Territory, territory (2016 pop. 228,833), 520,280 sq mi (1,347,525 sq km), N central Australia. It is bounded on the N by the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea, and the Gulf of?

Indian Territory

(Encyclopedia) Indian Territory, in U.S. history, name applied to the country set aside for Native Americans by the Indian Intercourse Act (1834). In the 1820s, the federal government began moving?

Khabarovsk Territory

(Encyclopedia) Khabarovsk Territory, administrative division (1989 est. pop. 1,800,000), 305,000 sq mi (789,950 sq km), Russian Far East. Situated in the eastern and northeastern extremity of Siberia?