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Kelly, John

(Encyclopedia) Kelly, John, 1822?86, American politician, boss of Tammany Hall, b. New York City. He entered politics at an early age. At first he opposed Tammany Hall, but later (1853) joined the?

Myers, Gustavus

(Encyclopedia) Myers, Gustavus, 1872?1942, American historian, b. Trenton, N.J. He worked on a number of newspapers and magazines in New York City, joined the Populist party and the Social Reform?

Wood, Fernando

(Encyclopedia) Wood, Fernando, 1812?81, American politician, b. Philadelphia. He became a successful shipping merchant in New York City and a leader of Tammany Hall. Wood was elected mayor in 1854?

Croker, Richard

(Encyclopedia) Croker, Richard, 1841?1922, American politician, head of Tammany Hall from 1886 to 1902, b. Co. Cork, Ireland. He became prominent as Democratic leader of New York City's East?

Howe, Louis McHenry

(Encyclopedia) Howe, Louis McHenry, 1871?1936, American journalist and political adviser to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, b. Indianapolis, Ind. He wrote about politics for several newspapers, then?

Parkhurst, Charles Henry

(Encyclopedia) Parkhurst, Charles Henry, 1842?1933, American clergyman and reformer, b. Framingham, Mass., grad. Amherst 1866, and studied theology at Halle and Leipzig. He was pastor of the?

Nast, Thomas

(Encyclopedia) Nast, Thomas, 1840?1902, American caricaturist, illustrator, and painter, b. Landau, Germany. He was brought to the United States in 1846. He began his career as a draftsman for Frank?

McClellan, George Brinton, Jr.

(Encyclopedia) McClellan, George Brinton, Jr., 1865?1940, American politician and educator, b. Dresden, Saxony, Germany; son of Gen. George B. McClellan. He studied law and joined (1889) Tammany Hall?

Murphy, Charles Francis

(Encyclopedia) Murphy, Charles Francis, 1858?1924, American political boss, b. New York City. He was the owner of many saloons in New York City and took a keen interest in Democratic politics. His?

Cockran, William Bourke

(Encyclopedia) Cockran, William Bourke k?kr?n, 1854?1923, American political leader, b. Co. Sligo, Ireland. He emigrated to New York City at the age of 17 and in 1876 was admitted to the bar. At?