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(Encyclopedia) statistics, science of collecting and classifying a group of facts according to their relative number and determining certain values that represent characteristics of the…

statistical mechanics

(Encyclopedia) statistical mechanics, quantitative study of systems consisting of a large number of interacting elements, such as the atoms or molecules of a solid, liquid, or gas, or…

vital statistics

(Encyclopedia) vital statistics, primarily records of the number of births and deaths in a population . Other factors, such as number of marriages and causes of death, by age…

Fermi-Dirac statistics

(Encyclopedia) Fermi-Dirac statistics, class of statistics that applies to particles called fermions. Fermions have half-integral values of the quantum mechanical property called spin…

Bose-Einstein statistics

(Encyclopedia) Bose-Einstein statistics, class of statistics that applies to elementary particles called bosons, which include the photon , pion , and the W and Z…

death rate

(Encyclopedia) death rate: see vital statistics .

birth rate

(Encyclopedia) birth rate: see vital statistics .

Mayo-Smith, Richmond

(Encyclopedia) Mayo-Smith, Richmond, 1854–1901, American statistician, b. Troy, Ohio, grad. Amherst, 1875. After graduation he studied for two years in Germany. From 1877 to 1901 he…