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(Encyclopedia) state: see government .

Karenni State

(Encyclopedia) Karenni State: see Kayah State , Myanmar.

State College

(Encyclopedia) State College, borough (1990 pop. 38,923), Centre co., central Pa., surrounded by farmland; settled 1859, inc. 1896. Manufacturing includes electronic products, foods, chemicals, and bottled wa...

Kayah State

(Encyclopedia) Kayah State kəyä´ [key], formerly Karenni State kərĕn´ē [key], state (1983 pop. 168,355), 4,506 sq mi (11,671 sq km), E Myanmar, on the Thai border. Loikaw is the capital. The t...

states' rights

(Encyclopedia) states' rights, in U.S. history, doctrine based on the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, which states, The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited ...

Trucial States

(Encyclopedia) Trucial States: see United Arab Emirates .

Shan State

(Encyclopedia) Shan State shän [key], state (1983 pop. 3,718,706), c.60,000 sq mi (155,400 sq km), E central Myanmar. Taunggyi , the capital, and Lashio are its principal cities. It borders on ...

church and state

(Encyclopedia) church and state, the relationship between the religion or religions of a nation and the civil government of that nation, especially the relationship between the Christian church and various ci...