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(Encyclopedia) spire, high, tapering structure crowning a tower and having a general pyramidal outline. The simplest spires were the steeply pitched timber roofs capping Romanesque towers and?


(Encyclopedia) flche: see spire.

Saint Martin-in-the-Fields

(Encyclopedia) Saint Martin-in-the-Fields, church in London, England, on Trafalgar Square; built 1721?26 by James Gibbs. It has a Corinthian portico and elaborate spire. It is the prototype for many?


(Encyclopedia) Chesterfield, city (1991 pop. 73,352) and district, Derbyshire, central England. An important industrial center, Chesterfield produces mining equipment, railroad cars, metal products,?

Arches National Park

(Encyclopedia) Arches National Park, 76,519 acres (30,979 hectares), E Utah; est. as a national monument 1929, designated a national park 1971. Located in red-rock country and overlooking the gorge?


(Encyclopedia) Solihull s?l?h?l, metropolitan borough (1991 pop. 195,100), central England, mainly a residential suburb of Birmingham. Automobiles, chemicals, and tools are manufactured. The 13th-?


(Encyclopedia) larkspur, any north temperate, Old World annual of the genus Consolida of the buttercup family. Consolida species were formerly classified in the genus Delphinium, which includes?


(Encyclopedia) Louth louth, town (1991 pop. 14,093), in the Parts of Lindsey, Lincolnshire, E England, on the Lud River. Although a canal was built to the Humber estuary in the 18th cent., Louth is?

Bryce Canyon National Park

(Encyclopedia) Bryce Canyon National Park, 35,835 acres (14,513 hectares), SW Utah; est. 1924. The Pink Cliffs of the Paunsaugunt Plateau, c.2,000 ft (610 m) high, were formed by water, frost, and?

Notre-Dame de Paris

(Encyclopedia) Notre-Dame de Paris ntr?-dm d? pr? [Fr.,=Our Lady of Paris], cathedral church of Paris, a noble achievement of early Gothic architecture in France. It stands upon the le de la?