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The South

Source: The U.S. Department of State The South is perhaps the most distinctive and colorful American region. The American Civil War (1861-65) devastated the South socially and …

South Korea

(Encyclopedia) South Korea: see under Korea .

South Pole

(Encyclopedia) South Pole, southern end of the earth's axis, lat. 90° S. It is distinguished from the south magnetic pole . The South Pole was reached first by Roald Amundsen , a Norwegian explor...

South Downs

(Encyclopedia) South Downs: see Downs, North , chalk hills, England.

South Orange

(Encyclopedia) South Orange, village (1990 pop. 16,390), Essex co., NE N.J., inc. 1869. Mostly residential, it has some small industries. Seton Hall Univ. is in South Orange.

South Seas

(Encyclopedia) South Seas, name given by early explorers to the whole of the Pacific Ocean. In recent times the name has been used to mean only the central Pacific, the S Pacific, and the SW Pacific. More par...

South Georgia

(Encyclopedia) South Georgia, island, c.1,450 sq mi (3,760 sq km), S Atlantic Ocean, c.1,200 mi (1,930 km) E of Cape Horn. A dependency of the Falkland Islands from 1908 to 1985 (along with the South S...