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(Encyclopedia) song, relatively brief, simple vocal composition, usually a setting of a poetic text, often strophic, for accompanied solo voice . The song literature of Western music embodies two broad ...

art song

(Encyclopedia) art song: see song .

Song Ba

(Encyclopedia) Song Ba sông bä [key], river, c.200 mi (320 km) long, rising in the Annamese Cordillera, central S Vietnam, and flowing S past An Khe to Krong Pa, then SE past Son Hoa to the South China Sea...

folk song

(Encyclopedia) folk song, music of anonymous composition, transmitted orally. The theory that folk songs were originally group compositions has been modified in recent studies. These assume that the germ of a...

Song Qingling

(Encyclopedia) Song Qingling: see Soong Ch'ing-ling under Soong , family.

Song of Solomon

(Encyclopedia) Song of Solomon,   Song of Songs, or Canticles, book of the Bible, 22d in the order of the Authorized Version. Although traditionally ascribed to King Solomon, many scholars date i...

Goliardic songs

(Encyclopedia) Goliardic songs gōlēär´dĭk [key], Late Latin poetry of the wandering scholars, or Goliards. The Goliards included university students who went from one European university to anoth...

Song Shan

(Encyclopedia) Song Shan sŭng´ shän´ [key], mountain, N central Henan prov., China; one of the five sacred mountains of China. It is famous for the Shaolin Temple, where generations of Buddhist monks hav...

song, bird

(Encyclopedia) song, bird: see birdsong .