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Somerset County, NJ Census Data

New jersey Somerset County, New Jersey People QuickFactsSomerset CountyNew JerseyPopulation, 2005 estimate 319,9008,717,925Population, percent change, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2005 7.5%3.6%?

Somerset County, NJ Housing Statistics

Somerset county new jersey dp 4 profile of selected housing characteristics SubjectNumberPercent Total housing units112,023100.0UNITS IN STRUCTURE1-unit, detached67,83060.61-unit,?

Somerset County, NJ Social Statistics

Somerset county new jersey dp 2 profile of selected social characteristics SubjectNumberPercent SCHOOL ENROLLMENTPopulation 3 years and over enrolled in school76,743100.0Nursery?

Somerset County, NJ Economic Statistics

Somerset county new jersey dp 3 profile of selected economic characteristics SubjectNumberPercent EMPLOYMENT STATUSPopulation 16 years and over228,283100.0In labor force158,97269.?