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Timeline: Social Media

Key dates in the evolution and increasing influence of social media by Jennie Wood 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011?

Bukele Ortez, Nayib Armando

(Encyclopedia) Bukele Ortez, Nayib Armando, 1981?, Salvadoran businessman and politician. Of Palestinian descent, he followed his father into business at an early age. Originally a member of the?

Zelenskiy, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych

(Encyclopedia) Zelenskiy, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych, 1978?, Ukrainian political leader and entertainer, president of Ukraine (2019?). He earned a law degree from Kiev National Economic Univ. but?

Navalny, Alexei Anatolyevich

(Encyclopedia) Navalny, Alexei Anatolyevich, 1976?, Russian lawyer and political activist. Navalny joined the Russian United Democratic party in 2000 but was expelled in 2007 for his support of?


(Encyclopedia) censorship, official prohibition or restriction of any type of expression believed to threaten the political, social, or moral order. It may be imposed by governmental authority, local?

Arab Spring

(Encyclopedia) Arab Spring, in modern North African and Middle Eastern history, antigovernment demonstrations and uprisings that, from late 2010, swept many of the regions' Arab nations. Arising?

Henry Golding

Henry Golding spent a decade as a TV host for Discovery Channel Asia and other Singapore-based programs until 2018, when he burst onto the Hollywood movie scene as the star of Crazy Rich Asians.?

Cardi B

Name at birth: Belcalis Marlenis AlmanzarCardi B is the brash and outlandish former stripper who used her following on social media to establish herself as a reality TV star and rapper. Cardi B was?