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(Encyclopedia) sequoia s?kwoi?, name for the redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) and for the big tree, or giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), both huge, coniferous evergreen trees of the bald?

Smelliest Plant

Rafflesia arnoldiiEach bloom can be as big as 3 feet wide and can weigh up to 24 pounds. The reddish-brown flower, which emits a revolting odor, is found in Southeast Asia (primarily Borneo?


Capital: Sacramento State abbreviation/Postal code: Calif./CA Governor: Jerry Brown, D (to Jan. 2019) Lieut. Governor: Gavin Newsom, D (to Jan. 2019) Senators:Kamala Harris, D (to Jan. 2023);?

State Symbols

StateSongBirdTreeFlowerAlabama?Alabama? (1931)yellowhammer (1927)Southern longleaf pine (1949, 1997)camellia (1959)Salt water fish: fighting tarpon (1955); Fresh water fish: largemouth bass (?