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(Encyclopedia) September: see month.

September 2002

WorldEarth Summit Ends with Pact (Sept. 4): Meeting produces plan to improve sanitation, increase accessibility of clean water, reduce the number of endangered species, and improve safety of?

September 2003

WorldIraqi Governing Council Selects Cabinet (Sept. 1): Twenty-five member body will assume day-to-day control of government functions. Islamic Cleric Receives Mixed Verdict in Bali Bombing (?

September 2004

WorldRussian Insurgents Take Over School (Sept. 1): Armed Islamic guerrillas, most of them Chechen, take about 1,200 schoolchildren, parents, and teachers hostage in Beslan. (Sept. 3):?

September 2005

WorldFour Charged in Murder of Lebanese Prime Minister (Sept. 1): Commander of Lebanon's Republican Guard, former head of general security, former chief of Lebanon's police, and former?

September 2007

Here are the key news events of the month organized into three categories: World News, U.S. News, and Business, Society, and Science News. World North Korea Agrees to Disable?

September 2006

WorldIraqi Casualties Have Risen Sharply (Sept. 1): Pentagon report finds that since the new Iraqi government was established in May, civilian and security forces casualties have increased by?

September Temperature Extremes

The highest temperature ever recorded for the month of September occurred on September 2, 1950, in Mecca, Calif. (elevation ?175 ft), where the temperature reached 126F. The lowest?

September 2000 Disasters

Sept. 9, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China: 60 people were killed when a truck carrying explosives blew up on a major artery in the city's western suburbs.mid-September, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam?