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Sacheverell, Henry

(Encyclopedia) Sacheverell, Henry s?sh?v?r?l, 1674??1724, English clergyman, the center of a religio-political incident in the reign of Queen Anne. In two sermons (1709) Dr. Sacheverell attacked the?

Mansfield, William Murray, 1st earl of

(Encyclopedia) Mansfield, William Murray, 1st earl of, 1705?93, English jurist. As solicitor general (1742?54) he prosecuted the Scottish rebel lords, Balmerino (Arthur Elphinstone), Kilmarnock, and?

Dennie, Joseph

(Encyclopedia) Dennie, Joseph, 1768?1812, American Federalist journalist, b. Boston. As editor, he made the Farmer's Weekly Museum at Walpole, N.H., an influential paper, particularly because of?

Wilkes, John

(Encyclopedia) Wilkes, John, 1727?97, English politician and journalist. He studied at the Univ. of Leiden, returned to England in 1746, and purchased (1757) a seat in Parliament. Backed by Earl?

press, freedom of the

(Encyclopedia) press, freedom of the, liberty to print or to otherwise disseminate information, as in print, by broadcasting, or through electronic media, without prior restraints such as licensing?

Prynne, William

(Encyclopedia) Prynne, William pr?n, 1600?1669, English political figure and Puritan pamphleteer. Beginning his attacks on Arminian doctrine in 1627, he soon earned the enmity of William Laud. When?

libel and slander

(Encyclopedia) libel and slander, in law, types of defamation. In common law, written defamation was libel and spoken defamation was slander. Today, however, there are no such clear definitions.?