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(Encyclopedia) securities, in finance, instruments giving to their legal holders rights to money or other property. Securities include stocks, bonds, notes, mortgages, bills of lading, and bills of?

securities trading

(Encyclopedia) securities trading, financial activity involving transactions of property such as stocks, bonds, commodities, and currency (see securities). Although the trading of stocks and bonds?

social security

(Encyclopedia) social security, government program designed to provide for the basic economic security and welfare of individuals and their dependents. The programs classified under the term social?

Security Council

The Security Council is the primary instrument for establishing and maintaining international peace. Its main purpose is to prevent war by settling disputes?

The Security Council

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Total Security

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Securities and Exchange Commission

(Encyclopedia) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), agency of the U.S. government created by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and charged with protecting the interests of the public and?

National Security Council

(Encyclopedia) National Security Council (NSC), federal executive council responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating the defense policies of the United States and also exercising?