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Sears Tower

(Encyclopedia) Sears Tower: see Willis Tower.

Sears, Isaac

(Encyclopedia) Sears, Isaac, c.1730–86, American Revolutionary leader, b. West Brewster, Mass. A merchant sea captain, Sears won a reputation as a daring privateer during the French and Indian War.…

Morgan, Edmund Sears

(Encyclopedia) Morgan, Edmund Sears, 1916–2013, U.S. historian, b. Minneapolis. After receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1942, he taught at the Univ. of Chicago (1945–46) and at Brown (1946–55)…

Richard Warren Sears Biography

Richard Warren SearsmerchantBorn: 12/7/1863Birthplace: Stewartville, Minn. Though the Sears family had been wealthy, his father lost the family fortune through speculative investments. Upon…