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(Encyclopedia) Leixões l´shoiNsh, artificial seaport of Oporto, NW Portugal. Built in the late 19th cent, its chief export is port wine.

Alexandria Troas

(Encyclopedia) Alexandria Troas tr´s, ancient Greek seaport city, Mysia, NW Asia Minor, called Troas in the Bible. It was important under the Greeks and Romans.


(Encyclopedia) Holbæk hôl´bk, city (1992 pop. 21,851), Vestsjælland co., E Denmark, a seaport on Holbæk Fjord, an arm of the Isefjord; chartered 1288. It is a commercial and industrial center.


(Encyclopedia) Korsør kôrsör´, city (1992 pop. 14,659), Vestsjælland co., S central Denmark, a seaport on the Store Bælt. In the city are fisheries and factories producing glass and processed food.


(Encyclopedia) Nakskov näk´skou, city (1992 pop. 14,922), Storstrøm co., SE Denmark, a seaport at the head of Nakskov Fjord (an arm of the Langelands Bælt). It has large sugar refineries.


(Encyclopedia) Svendborg svn´bôr, city (1992 pop. 26,525), Fyn co., S Denmark, a seaport on the Svendborg Sund (an arm of the Lille Bælt); founded c.1200. It has tobacco, shipbuilding, brewing, and…


(Encyclopedia) Miletus ml´ts, ancient seaport of W Asia Minor, in Caria, on the mainland not far from Sámos. It was occupied by Greeks in the settlement of the E Aegean (c.1000 &BC;) and…


(Encyclopedia) Port-Gentil pôr-zhäNtl´, city (1993 est. pop. 80,041), W Gabon, a seaport on Cape Lopez Bay (an arm of the Atlantic Ocean). Timber and locally manufactured plywood are exported.…


(Encyclopedia) Kástron kä´strôn, town, E Greece, on Límnos island, in the Aegean Sea. It is a seaport trading in local produce. In ancient times it was known as Myrina. Today it is also called Kastro…


(Encyclopedia) Pasuruan or Pasoeroeanboth: päsoorooän´, city (1990 pop. 152,075), E Java, Indonesia, on Madura Strait. Established by the Dutch in 1707, it remains an active seaport. It has…