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(Encyclopedia) sea, term used as synonymous with ocean , or a subdivision of an ocean (Caribbean Sea, Yellow Sea), or erroneously designating a large salt lake (Caspian Sea…

West Sea

(Encyclopedia) West Sea: see Yellow Sea .

Putrid Sea

(Encyclopedia) Putrid Sea: see Sivash Sea , Ukraine.

East Sea

(Encyclopedia) East Sea: see Japan, Sea of .

law of the sea

(Encyclopedia) law of the sea: see maritime law ; sea, law of the ; seas, freedom of the .

Norwegian Sea

(Encyclopedia) Norwegian Sea, part of the Atlantic Ocean, NW of Norway, between the Greenland Sea and the North Sea. It is separated from the Atlantic by a submarine ridge linking…

Bellingshausen Sea

(Encyclopedia) Bellingshausen Sea, part of the S Pacific Ocean, W Antarctica, SW of Cape Horn between the Antarctic Peninsula and Amundsen Sea. The sea is named after Russian explorer…

Tyrrhenian Sea

(Encyclopedia) Tyrrhenian Sea tĭrē´nēən [key], Ital. Tirreno, part of the Mediterranean Sea, c.475 mi (760 km) long and from 60 to 300 mi (97–483 km) wide, between the Ligurian…

sea whip

(Encyclopedia) sea whip, erect colony of marine animals of the phylum Cnidaria, with whiplike branches. The skeleton consists of a horny axis, overlaid with small calcareous bodies…