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Puente, Tito

(Encyclopedia) Puente, Tito (Ernesto Antonio Puente, Jr.)t?t? pw?nt?, 1923?2000, American musician, b. New York City. One of the premier composers and players of Latin music, he was a bandleader,?

Blades, Rubn

(Encyclopedia) Blades, Rubn ro?ob?n bl??s, 1948?, Panamanian singer, songwriter, band leader, and actor. He is a graduate (1972) of the Univ. of Panama law school and holds a masters degree (1985?

Jerry Masucci 1997 Deaths

Jerry Masuccirecord-company executive As owner of Fania Records, Masucci was instrumental in introducing New York Salsa music to other countries.Born: 1935?Died: 1997Thomas Charles?