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rowan tree

(Encyclopedia) rowan tree: see mountain ash.

Rowan, Andrew Summers

(Encyclopedia) Rowan, Andrew Summers rou?n, 1857?1943, American army officer, b. Monroe co., Va. (now W.Va.). At the outbreak (1898) of the Spanish-American War he was sent to communicate with the?

Helper, Hinton Rowan

(Encyclopedia) Helper, Hinton Rowan, 1829?1909, American writer, b. Davie co., N.C. He was in California during the gold rush and later returned east to write The Land of Gold (1855). His next book,?

Williams, Rowan Douglas

(Encyclopedia) Williams, Rowan Douglas, 1950?, archbishop of Canterbury (2002?12), b. Swansea, Wales; grad. Christ's College, Cambridge (B.A., 1971; M.A., 1975), Wadham College, Oxford (D.Phil?

Rowan Atkinson

Comedian Rowan Atkinson is especially famous in England, first as a cult favorite in the television series Blackadder, then as an even bigger star in the series Mr. Bean. During the 1980s, Atkinson?

Hamilton, Sir William Rowan

(Encyclopedia) Hamilton, Sir William Rowan, 1805?65, Irish mathematician and astronomer, b. Dublin. A child prodigy, he had mastered 13 languages by the age of 13 and was still an undergraduate when?

Carl Rowan 2000 Deaths

Carl RowanAge: 75 liberal crusading columnist and best-selling author who specialized in race relations. He served as deputy assistant secretary of state and ambassador to Finland under?

Chad Rowan (Akebono)

Chad Rowan (Akebono)Born: May 8, 1969Sumo Wrestling 6-foot-9, 510-pound naturalized Japanese citizen born in Hawaii; first foreign grand champion in sumo wrestling's 2,000-year history;?

Rowan Atkinson Biography

Rowan Atkinson comedian, actorBorn: 1/6/1955Birthplace: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England Trained in electrical engineering at Oxford, he is known instead for his physical humor and verbal vitriol?