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Lardner, Ring

(Encyclopedia) Lardner, Ring (Ringgold Wilmer Lardner), 1885–1933, American humorist and short-story writer, b. Niles, Mich. He was a sports reporter in Chicago, St. Louis, and Boston…

Ring Lardner Jr. 2000 Deaths

Ring Lardner Jr.Age: 85 Hollywood screenwriter who won two Academy Awards, but saw his career plunge into a free-fall after he refused to tell the House Un-American Activities Committee if he…


(Encyclopedia) ring, in astronomy, relatively thin band of rocks and dust and ice particles that orbit around a planet in the planet's equatorial plane. All four of the giant…


(Encyclopedia) ring, small ornamental hoop usually worn on finger or thumb, but it may be attached to the ear or the nose. Finger rings made of bronze, gold, and silver from the period…


(Encyclopedia) ring, in mathematics, system consisting of a set R of elements and two binary operations, such that addition makes R a commutative group and multiplication…

ring compound

(Encyclopedia) ring compound: see aromatic compound .

Maumbury Rings

(Encyclopedia) Maumbury Rings: see Dorchester , England.

Tweed Ring

(Encyclopedia) Tweed Ring: see Tweed, William Marcy .

Ring nebula

(Encyclopedia) Ring nebula, planetary nebula in the northern constellation Lyra; cataloged as M57 or NGC 6720. It is perhaps the most famous and beautiful nebula of this type.…