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(Encyclopedia) Richmond, former municipal borough, SE England. See Richmond upon Thames.


(Encyclopedia) Richmond. 1 City (1990 pop. 87,425), Contra Costa co., W Calif., on San Pablo Bay, an inlet of San Francisco Bay; inc. 1905. It is a deepwater commercial port and an industrial center?

Richmond upon Thames

(Encyclopedia) Richmond upon Thames, outer borough (1991 pop. 154,600) of Greater London, SE England. The borough was created in 1965 by the merger of the municipal boroughs of Barnes, Richmond, and?

Mayo-Smith, Richmond

(Encyclopedia) Mayo-Smith, Richmond, 1854?1901, American statistician, b. Troy, Ohio, grad. Amherst, 1875. After graduation he studied for two years in Germany. From 1877 to 1901 he taught at?

Richmond?San Rafael Bridge

(Encyclopedia) Richmond?San Rafael Bridge, W Calif., c.4 mi (6 km) long, part of the network of bridges serving the San Francisco Bay area; completed in 1957. It provides an essential link between?

Richmond Barth Biography

Richmond BarthAmerican sculptorBorn: Jan. 28, 1901Birthplace: Bay St. Louis, Mississippi Barth showed great promise as an artist at a young age. As an African American, however, he was?