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(Encyclopedia) Redding, city (1990 pop. 66,462), seat of Shasta co., N central Calif., on the Sacramento River; inc. 1872. A principal tourist center for a mountain and lake region, it…

red lead

(Encyclopedia) red lead, bright red to orange-red powder, also called minium, that is used in the manufacture of storage batteries, lead glass, and red pigments; a paint made with red…

red cedar

(Encyclopedia) red cedar: see juniper .

Red Deer

(Encyclopedia) Red Deer, city (1991 pop. 58,134), S central Alta., Canada, on the Red Deer River. It developed as a trade and service center for a region of dairying and mixed farming.…

red deer

(Encyclopedia) red deer: see wapiti .

red eft

(Encyclopedia) red eft: see newt .

red fir

(Encyclopedia) red fir: see pine .

red maids

(Encyclopedia) red maids: see purslane .